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Tec Week
Bonaire, NA 
November 12-19, 2022

For several years now Chris has run off to Bonaire in the winter months to conduct a week long Tec Training program.  All levels of technical divers are welcome to join.  During this Tec week, Chris will be conducting the Tec 40, 45, & 50 programs as well as Tec refreshers.  The ease of access to the walls directly from the shore makes this an ideal place to expand on your tec diving skills, with no boat scheduel to keep, no fowl weather to deter us, and unlimited warmth and visibility, the enviroment creates the perfect learning scenario.  Whether your from a cold water climnate looking to crush the cold shipwrecks of the east, or the depths of the 




Not a Tec diver and want to accompany your Tec Diving buddy, no sweat, you can do that too.  There are a few recreational divers that always tag along to enjoy the relaxing Bonaire environment. 

This year, we are upgrading out plans and staying at the Plaza Resort Bonaire, a beautiful all inclusive resort perfect for the diver or non diver alike.  This allows us to relax and enjoy all of our training without worrying about where we are going for our next meal.  


Based on double occupancy at the Plaza Resort Bonaire

  •   Diver: $1950​


Unlimited Shore Diving

Rental Van 1- per four divers

All Inclusive meals and beverages

Unlimites Fun


  • Airfare​

  • Trip Insurance

  • DAN Insrance

  • Tips

  • Technical Diving rental cylinders and gas fills

  • Course fees

  • Specialty boat dives 

All divers must have current DAN diving insurance and some form of travel insurance. We recommend travel insurance through DAN (Divers Alert Network).

DAN Trip Insurance: 

DAN Diver Insurance: